Episode 35!

Our supplemental podcast to our latest feature article in the School Library Journal, Listen Up!, is now online. Some sound issues, I’m afraid, and then the end was double-compressed (don’t ask!) but I think you can hear it fine enough.

This podcast’s links can be found at this link instead of here on the main page. There are MANY links. The topic of this podcast was… podcasts. Podcasts to use in your curriculum. And by the way, maybe we’ll off a special prize to the person who can count the number of times we say “check it out!” I think Helen cut a few of them in post production! :)

  1. LOL–I had no idea until I was working on the editing just how much we said “check it out”–so yes, I tried to edit some of them out…we need a list of alternate phrases…*sigh*

    thanks for bearing with us as we work on reducing our “um’s” and “check it out”…suggestions are always welcome!